MAJA WALESKA is a Prêt à Porter Fashion Brand, founded by MAJA as a way to express her desire to
Always be following the sun and never planning to stop
while being on the go, compiling sun’s rays from the most gorgeous places of the world.
Her unique style and talent for delicate, as well as for daring colorations impart the line its luxurious CHIC look, that mesmerizes the entire globe.


It is the new, glowing luxury designed essentially in Limited Editions with handmade EU production only. Exquisite selections in materials and textures splice into explosions of high-quality exclusiveness, creating extravagance that lasts. All pieces reflect the existent sparkle of the brand and highlight the feminine uniqueness – the new modern way.
Conducted by todays globality, our brand creates high-value designer pieces made out of carefree fabrics, that turn into timeless accessories of the personal wardrobe.


MAJA WALESKA garments are available through the Online Boutique only.
We value our exclusivity and preserve it with the direct delivery to you.


All creations are designed in the center of Germany and every piece is a unique appreciation of this gorgeous world of ours.


est. in 2016